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Yesenia RubioJennifer Williams

Jennifer Schriefer Williams , CAMTC # 48783, graduated from Carrington College earning the Presidents Award, Perfect Attendance & 4.0 GPA .

She's very versatile in her massages ranging from Deep Tissue, Swedish, Shiatsu, Sports, Lymphatic Drainage, Chair, Reflexology, Pregnancy, and Reiki Level 1 & 2. Her love for education is constantly expanding with a long term goal of becoming a cross fitness trainer & holistic practitioner. Her treatments may also include herbal remedies, nutritional supplements & lifestyle coaching to enhance the overall speed & effectiveness of the recovery process. Each of these options will be explained & discussed with the client on an "as needed" basis. Client education & empowerment is a major goal of her practice & clients are encouraged to ask questions & contribute their energies to their personal healing process. She will be enhancing her education to include more techniques that will enable her to help anyone from the average person with everyday ailments, to the sports minded individual looking to relax between athletic events. Her clients range from children to the elderly.

Her main goal is to provide massage & treatments that are nurturing & rejuvenating, so that clients leave feeling & knowing their bodies are harmonized with clarified mind & purposeful spirits.

Yesenia RubioAnn Palm

Ann has practiced massage for about 14 years, with a practice ranging from complementary healthcare to the spa industry. She combines her love of people and her profession with her extensive experience to provide highly focused and effective massages. She is equally skilled and comfortable providing relaxing spa type sessions and extremely deep touch to meet the needs of each client.

Yesenia RubioElena Salazar

I have been practicing Massage and healing since 1997. Over the years, I have acquired various skills and massage techniques which I use to enhance each session. The past recent years were spent with indigenous shamans and building my intuitive skills. My practice continues to focus on diminishing stress and muscle discomfort bringing my clients more into balance. To provide my clients with the best results during their session, I like to discuss their goals; plus answer questions or concerns, before and after their session. Following services include massage, energy work, chakra balancing, shamanic guided visualization.Ordained August 2013.

Yesenia RubioYesenia Rubio, CMT#35531

2005 Graduate of National Holistic Institute. Massage therapist since 2005, I specialize in Deep tissue, Swedish, pre natal massage,reflexology,some shiatsu and level 1 Reiki.

Michelle PrinceMichelle Prince, CMT#8610

My goal is to provide all clients with a professional, relaxing and stress relieving experience. I believe the key to a rewarding massage is relaxing the mind, soul and body. During a massage, I integrate the physical aspects of bodywork with energy work for pain relief as well as overall health.

I began providing massage in 2007 after a many years working in the healthcare field. I bring experience and knowledge in Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Sports, Myofascial Release, Trigger-point, Hot stone, Pregnancy and Reflexology. I also have completed level I Reiki and 750 hours of massage training. I am certified by the CA. Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC).

Lorraine LannesLorraine Lannes, CMT#1882

Massage is a Healing Loving Art~ I have had a goal and major interest involving Healing and Care for people ever since I can remember. My field of vision and education has ranged from childcare, to educating, to counseling. I think Massage reaches further through the people I come into contact with now than if I had chosen a more narrow approach to Care than this Beautiful Hands-on Experience of Life.

I am broadly trained with over 730 hours from National Holistic Institute (NHI) and Teaching Clinic in Emeryville, CA, 2007. I have received acknowledgments as both a Graduate with Honors, Top of my Class, and having served 100 hours in NHI's Graduate Teaching Assistant Program ~ you definitely learn more by helping others!

My style generally combines Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial techniques and Hydrotherapy. In addition to these modalities, I also offer Pregnancy, Hot Stone, and add in touches of a "Foot technique," Shiatsu, and Thai massage elements; customized to your needs. I have been known to be energizing and chatty as well as nurturing, peaceful and balancing. I am certified by the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC), and have a Professional membership with the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP).

In my spare time, I enjoy reading intricately detailed novels of interesting character and personality, swimming, health/naturopathic/homeopathic topics to apply to our every day living, sleep, and laughter!!

Sunita ChaudharySunita Chaudhary

Giving and receiving massage as a body work can touch our hearts emotionally and physically at any given time.

Massage condenses complex issues into wellness and happiness concerning our health and well being. With skills, ability, compassion, humanity and tolerance, I would like to make all individuals to whom I come in contact with my therapeutic touch, feel well, relaxed, rejuvenated, stress free and healthy at all times.

I offer multiple techniques designed to enhance the body: Swedish, Myo-facial, Deep Tissue, Pre-Natal, Infant, Sports, Medical, Lymphatic Drainage, Cranial-Sacral, Integrated Structural Body Work, Neuromuscular, Reflexology and Stone massage

Gregory FiteGregory Fite

Several years ago I retired from my law library career and chose to serve people using a different talent, hands-on touch. My massage training is from Carrington College. I embrace the wellness model of healthcare and am committed to helping people reach their greatest degree of well being. I also have a certificate in level II Reiki.

Heng ChangHeng Chang, CMT #46639

I strongly believe understanding and helping others to achieve their goals is the most importance key to be successful in any field. As a certified massage therapist by the CA Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC), my strongest tool is the enjoyment of helping others. During my training at Skyline College, I have distributed my time helping countless clients with many types of massage including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and Reflexology, I'm a member of both the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals.

Heng ChangScott C, CMT #46581

I believe that bodywork can influence not only the physical body, but also the mental and spiritual aspects of the self in very powerful ways to help people maintain a healthy and optimal lifestyle. Approaching the body in a holistic fashion, I strive to create a session that is unique and specialized to each person by providing a powerful, invigorating, and therapeutic massage that is customized to help your particular needs and issues.

My work integrates multiple modalities together to create a session that will help people achieve their goals and a desired state of mind; usually drawing from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release Technique and other Neuromuscular Techniques, but integrates some Eastern modalities into a session. I am certified by the CA Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC), and am a professional member of ABMP (Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals).

Ben OongBen Oong, CMT #29254

A well-organized intake session sets up the foundation of a successful therapist/client relationship. Each client has different needs, thus different approach should be utilized. I received my massage training from De Anza College and Skyline College. I am certified by the CA Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC). I have been trained in techniques from relaxation to deep tissue. I believe a good massage session should integrate with different modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger-Point release, Joint Mobilization, Reflexology and Energy Work. However, customization based on client’s needs remains the real key.

I look forward in working with all of you.

Betty YuBetty Yu, CMP#8657

I started working at Redwood Massage & Sauna in 1993 and still enjoy working with the many longtime clients here as well as newcomers. I graduated from SF School of Massage. I enjoy working with a variety of clientele, including pregnant women and a 100 year old man who has been a client here for 40 years. I do deep tissue, swedish and sports massage as well as massage focused on health and relaxation. I am certified by the CA. Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC).

Gail WohlauGail Wohlau, CMP#4946

I graduated from SF School of Massage in 1998 and have been working at Redwood Massage & Sauna ever since. My approach varies with the client, providing overall massage for relaxation and well being to deep work that addresses problems accurately. I enjoy the opportunity that Redwood Massage offers to customize my work for the individual client. I am certified by the CA. Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC).

Yvonne BuljanYvonne Buljan, CMP#10104

I began my massage career in 2005 after training at DeAnza College. I have always loved massage – both giving and receiving. It makes my day when people feel better after giving them a massage. My specialties include sports and deep tissue massage but also enjoy providing more general relaxation massage. I am certified by the CA. Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC).

Beverly MayBeverly May, CMT #1

After more than 30 years as a Massage Therapist, deciding where to begin a profile is a challenge. My clients tell me that they love that I really care about people and that after all these years, I still love my work. They appreciate that I am always learning more and if I don’t know an answer, will try to find it. They recognize that I live an active and healthy lifestyle, as much to continue to have the strength and endurance for my work as to educate my clients through my own quest for health and well being. My training includes everything from postural analysis and education to work with releasing deep and superficial layers of tissue to Asian approaches of energy balancing. Once I know what a clients’ goals are, I choose an approach consistent with meeting those goals. I am certified by the CA. Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) and in fact am Chairman of the Board of CAMTC and hold Certification #1.

Yevgeniya (Genia) IvanovaYevgeniya (Genia) Ivanova, CMT #38507

I began my training at National Holistic Institute in 2010, although I have considered myself to be a bodyworker for as long as I can remember. It's amazing work, magical even. I am truly in love with this profession. I incorporate various massage techniques in my sessions to fit clients' specific needs, bringing the body, mind and spirit into alignment and balance. I specialize in deep tissue and light relaxation muscle work, acupressure, shiatsu as well as prenatal and pediatric nurturing touch massage. I am certified by the CA. Massage Therapy Council.

Nadia AfsharNadia Afshar, CMT #37085

Not all massage is created equal.

My philosophy towards bodywork is to allow the mind and body to return to its natural state of harmony and balance.

My massage style is customizing massage treatments by blending several modalities into one therapeutic healing and relaxing experience – combining the soothing interconnected strokes of Swedish with Shiatsu-style Acupressure to release body tension.

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