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"Iíve been going to Redwood Massage & Sauna for over thirty years and itís never been better than it is now. Beverly May has put a lot of effort into making it comfortable and we are always treated like family every time we call. The health benefits are substantial and we recommend it for all. I often bring guests to introduce them to this wonderful place and great massage therapists"
Will Richardson

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Redwood Massage & Sauna
797 Arguello St.
Redwood City, CA 94063


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We are in a modest neighborhood - hardly chic but in over 45 years in this location, we can assure you that you are safe. There are occassional sounds such as passing trains - rarely noticed by our clients as they drift into deep relaxation, the world passes by without a care.

We are conveniently located near both 101, 280 and El Camino and have private parking. Please don't be intimidated by the guard in front of the neighboring market - it is required by law since they cash checks in addition to making the best burritos in town.

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