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"A massage from Beverly is a truly rejuvenating experience. Her comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, combined with years of experience reassured me that my pregnant body was being treated in a safe therapeutic manner. Regular massages up to 38 weeks greatly contributed to the management of the physical and hormonal changes I experienced and helped me to have a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy."
Camille Robinson
Mother and Doctor of Physical Therapy

Benefits of Massage

As we age many of us face the toll taken on our health and well being by stress of everyday living. We begin to realize that illness and pain seem to be associated with lack of self-awareness and the associated neglect of our emotional, physical and spiritual needs.


There remains within us all a need to balance our knowledge and success with and the world in which we live.

The art and science of therapeutic massage can help us to somatically experience who we really are - from the inside out. It helps us evaluate our level of stress and connect to the messages our bodies send us long before illness and pain occur, but which we are sometimes too busy to listen to.

Massage has been demonstrated to:

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