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"Iíve been going to Redwood Massage & Sauna for over thirty years and itís never been better than it is now. Beverly May has put a lot of effort into making it comfortable and we are always treated like family every time we call. The health benefits are substantial and we recommend it for all. I often bring guests to introduce them to this wonderful place and great massage therapists"
Will Richardson

About Us

I have been practicing massage since 1973 °ßC my first and only profession. To this day, I love giving and receiving massages. I have over 3years of formal training in massage and advanced techniques, after completing a pre-med college degree, and still have plenty to learn!

I am the foremost expert on massage regulations in California, having served as Co-Chair of the Governmental Relations Committee of the CA Massage Therapy Association since 1987, as well as being on the same committee of the American Massage Therapy Association. I also served as founder and Chair of the CA Coalition on Somatic Practices from 1992-9. I am working on a text for massage therapists, and have written articles and book reviews on massage topics. I am on the Board of Directors for the Redwood City Downtown Business Group.

With my extensive training and experience I have been able to attract an outstanding staff of experienced and loyal massage therapists. Therapists here average over 10 years experience each. Consistently providing exceptional massage requires an extraordinary staff. I actively recruit from a pool of several thousand to find the best massage therapists. Applicants go through a multi-step process culminating in giving me a massage, to assure that each of our therapists is amongst the top in the state. I would rather turn away business than offer mediocre massages.


Redwood Massage & Sauna was opened in 1964, by a Finnish family. It remains one of the oldest massage facilities in the county

Redwood Massage

One of the longtime employees, Terttu, inherited the business and building after 35 years. When she too became ill, my husband and I took over in 1999. Not only have several of the massage therapists stayed, but many of our clients have been regulars for 30 years and more, with their younger generations following. This tradition, of management and staff caring for one another, and all of us working hard to assure that our clients feel welcome and comfortable here, carries on to this day.

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